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Sophia Scott decided to establish QuaranTEENS, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, in April of 2020 during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. With schools shut down across the United States, Scott decided to take action to ensure that children who struggled with distance learning and lacked access to educational resources did not fall behind academically. Her mission is to reduce socioeconomic disparities in education by offering high-quality academic support for free.


Scott founded QuaranTEENS in order to promote educational equity by providing free tutoring services to underserved K-12 students around the world, particularly those who were negatively impacted by coronavirus-related school closures and summer school cancellations. 

Our tutoring staff is entirely comprised of talented and intelligent high school students, college students, and professional teachers who have a passion for education and experience in one-on-one tutoring. Our volunteers utilize digital platforms like Zoom and Khan Academy to help students get back on track educationally while maintaining social distancing by conducting virtual sessions.